MAS is not a conifer wood furniture collection, but a collection that considers how conifer wood can be used for furniture.

Coniferous trees are relatively softer and lighter than broad-leaved trees. Furniture making requires robustness, so these trees are generally considered unsuitable for furniture material. However, MAS over comes this barrier with Karimoku’s technology and structure. MAS, which skillfully draws out the features of the material, is the fruits of the blessings of Japanese forests and modern creativity.⁠

Vinyl basket by Shigeki Fujishiro | Basket selection and set up with Jody Wong | Photo by Tomooki Kengaku

Hammock Chair

If I express the character of the knitted fabric with one word is “Friendly”. Like a knit sweater, gently wraps the body provide you the friendliness, and the elasticity that follows the curve of the body posture.
Since it is a knit fabric that feels familiar not only in appearance but also in function, I think that it is possible to make a difference from other fabrics, by designing for contact with the body rather than a design that stands alone. Wooden parts made by Shigeto Minaki |Upholstering by Yuta Kuwabara .


BAUM is a skin and mind care brand based on the concept of coexistence with nature, valued by Japanese people for centuries, the brand aims to realize a sustainable society that fully embraces the blessings of trees and preserves them for the future. The wooden parts provided from furniture manufacturing left-over material of Karimoku.

White on White

This show is an experiment: putting together white porcelain and words depicting white. We hope visitors will enjoy seeing, reading and feeling white in this little laboratory.

Organizer : MUJI | Planning collaborator: Keiji Nagai | Site design: Wataru Kumano | Graphic design: Yuko Higashikawa | Site construction: HIGURE 17-15 cas | Cooperation: Nobuhiro Yamaguchi, Shukuro Habara, Takashi Chishiki | Planning and Management: Household Division / Household Design, Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. and ATELIER MUJI GINZA (MUJI GINZA)

Kaj Franck – Geometry

We designed furniture for the “KAJ FRANCK – GEOMETRY”. Tow size of the wooden benches, connected and stacking as a shelf. The height of the bench represent human living scale, and natural light comes from the large window shows to you a sensitive color of the glass works of Kaj Franck. The bench made by Karimoku, and image by kumano.


Fin/100 was a pop-up event at 21_21 Design Sight to celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence. We designed an interior comprising three areas: a shop presenting new Finnish brands, a workshop space in the form of a HONKA log house, and a stepped auditorium that drew inspiration from Finnish rock formations that provide natural seating.


A stool designed in three sizes – single, double, and long. Designed with Jasper Morrison in 2017 for the 10th anniversary of More Trees, a forestry conservation organisation who produce it in Higashi-Shirakawa in Gifu, Japan. Stool is made from hinoki, grown in one of the More Trees Forests, which is used for its strength and scent.

December chair

A chair and ottoman formed from linen or leather seats given structure by ash or oak frames. Designed with Jasper Morrison and produced by Nikari in Fiskars, Finland. They were designed in 2012 when Nikari launched a piece of furniture each month for a year, and in 2016 were followed by a lounge variant with arms. While initially intended to be a chair that could be assembled at home, it is now available pre-assembled.